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Call us @  (303) 499-9399 for
information or to schedule an appointment
with one of our Medical Marijuana experts
or you can also email us by filling the form

Medical Marijuana LLC specializes in
helping people get a medical marijuana
card in Colorado without breaking the
bank...or the law!  We will go out of our
way, bend over backwards, and do back-
flips to make sure our clients are happy.  
It's all about the golden rule...  

Being a caregiver is about helping people.  
Bottom line.  We have an amazing discount
program and provide free medical
marijuana cards as well as free medicine
for those who qualify!  We will even come
out and meet you to help you get your
Colorado medical marijuana license!


We have a wonderful delivery service and
the best network of caregivers in Colorado
to guarantee you the best medical grade
marijuana.  If we do not carry what you are
looking for, we will find it for you!

We offer a variety of strains of indica,
sativa, blends, indoor, outdoor, hashish,
hash oil, marijuana butter, candies,
cookies, pastries, and other yummy edibles
that you will surely love!

Some additional information
from the Colorado Department of
Public Health and Environment
Website as of May 31st, 2009:

"In the November 2000 general election,
Coloradoans passed Amendment 20, and
the Colorado Department of Public Health
and Environment (CDPHE) was tasked with
implementing and administering the Medical
Marijuana Registry program. In March of
2001, the State of Colorado Board of
Health approved the Rules and Regulations
pertaining to the administration of the
program, and on June 1st, 2001, the
Registry began accepting and processing
applications for Registry Identification

Statistics of the registry include:

9,304 new patient applications have been
received to date since the registry began
operating in June 2001. Thirty (30)
applications have been denied, 18 cards
have been revoked, 182 patients have
died, and 1,444 cards have expired,
bringing the total number of patients who
currently possess valid Registry ID cards
to 7,630. The renewal rate is 58%.
Seventy-two percent of approved
applicants are male.
The average age of all patients is 24.
Currently 3 patients are minors (under the
age of 18).
Sixty-three counties (98% of counties) in
Colorado have registered applicants. Fifty
percent of patients reside in the Denver-
metro and Boulder area, with the
remainder of patients found in counties
throughout Colorado.
Patients on the Registry represent all the
debilitating conditions covered under
Amendment 20. Severe pain accounts for
89% of all reported conditions; muscle
spasms account for the second-most
reported condition at 25%.
Forty percent of patients have designated
a primary care-giver (someone who has
significant responsibility for managing the
patient’s care).
Over 600 different physicians have signed
for patients in Colorado.
Please see the  tables below for a
complete listing of all statistical information.

As of June 14, 2004 care-givers are no
longer issued cards.

As of January 25, 2008 only a portion of
the patient’s social security number
appears on their registration card.

As of October 27, 2008 all applications,
renewal and changes to the Registry must
be submitted via mail and include a legible
photo copy of the patient’s Colorado
Identification. Faxes and emails will no
longer be accepted.

As of December 1, 2008 all changes to the
Registry must be signed by the patient
making the change in blue ink.

The Amendment requires that an
application be approved or denied within 35
days of receipt by CDPHE. Currently, the
Registry is issuing ID cards within three
weeks of receipt of a complete application.

In addition to administering the Registry,
CDPHE has been charged with accepting
and reviewing petitions to add conditions to
the current list of debilitating medical
conditions/symptoms. To date, four
petitions have been received, one for
Parkinson’s disease, one for Asthma, one
for Anxiety and another for Bi-Polar
Disorder. All petitions were subsequently
denied due to lack of scientific evidence
that treatment with marijuana might have a
beneficial effect.

There have been three marijuana-related
convictions of patients on the Registry, and
no physicians have experienced federal
reprisals. However, reluctance to
participate due to the inconsistencies
between state and federal marijuana laws
has been expressed by doctors and
patients alike.

Another barrier to participation on the
Registry may be the cost. No general funds
have been designated for this program,
and the Amendment allows CDPHE to
collect fees to cover the administrative
costs of administering the program.
Currently the fee is $90, and is evaluated
annually by CDPHE. The fee was lowered
from $110 on June 1, 2007.

Numerous questions have arisen regarding
interpretation of statutory language. The
law does not clearly state where marijuana
plants may be grown or if two or more
patients and/or care-givers may share one
growing space. Statutory language also
places certain burdens upon local and state
law enforcement officers, such as the
requirement of keeping alive plants that are
confiscated until a resolution is reached (i.
e. a decision not to prosecute, the
dismissal of charges, an acquittal, etc.)."
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